SigMarx Super Deal 150/$99
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For Cachers Serious About Leaving Their Mark (TM). Get your SigMarx Super Deal introductory package of 150 Sigmarx for $99 and NO SETUP FEE for a limited time!!!  A regular SigMarx order requires a $25 setup charge to build an engraving field from your design, but for this deal we're tossing out the setup fee to make it more affordable than ever to have a great personal signature piece. Enlarge the Template, right click and copy the image to use as your template as you create your artwork. We must receive a file with 300 dpi x 300 dpi or larger. Anything less will create a fuzzy design when engraved.

SigMarx are geocoins the way they were originally intended... a unique coin signature piece to be left in caches for others to enjoy.  A high quality way to establish your unique geo-identity while saying you've been there, done that and gone on to conquer another cache down the trail.

The problem we've all seen is that there is a serious gap between what's affordable enough to leave in every cache and what's high quality enough to make you proud to do so.  Personally, I started with cardstock paper coins which were very inexpensive, but not very durable or trackable.  I moved to Gecoins which are very durable and trackable, but also very expensive.  Later I ordered PathTags (R) which are as high quality as a geocoin, but were still not trackable.  I still wanted something inexpensive enough to leave in every cache, sequentially numbered for collecting, high quality and with the option of being Groundspeak trackable.  It wasn't out there so we went to the drawing board to come up with an answer. 

SigMarx are a 1.25" x 2mm anodized aluminum geocoin available in multiple colors, 1 or 2 side engravable, sequentially numbered, inexpensive and high quality.  They can even be made trackable at!  Unlike minted coins, SigMarx can even be engraved with photos!!!  The options are limited only by your imagination.  Now take all those options and throw them together and make a mark as unique as you are and do it for under a dollar!  Geocaching signature items just got an upgrade :)

Send your SigMarx designs to or write us to get help creating your design.  SigMarx Templates for front and back sides can be downloaded from the SigMarx Engraving Package product page.  (DO NOT PURCHASE Engraving Package w/ Super Deal)

* All tracking codes supplied through GxProxy will display a unique GxProxy Trackable icon  unless optional custom icon is purchased.

** Trackability at requires Groundspeak tracking codes available at current rates set by Groundspeak and designs for trackable SigMarx must be approved by Grounspeak staff.   Custom Icons, Trackable Names and Prefixes are available per Groundspeak guidelines.

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SigMarx Super Deal 150/$99

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