Mini Tail Tales Trackables for the 4 Legged Friend!
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Canine cachers rejoice!  Your master can now track your geo-tracks as you lead them to the cache (and after rabbits, under logs, through mud or in pursuit of anything that smells awful for some reason! lol) on our favorite outdoor adventures. 

These fashionably colored bone-shaped tags have fun slogans to greet cachers on the trail and at events.  Track your Visits to caches and all around the world as you lead us on hunt after hunt.  Just attach to your favorite collar and show off your new trackable status at the next crossing of paths with a fellow cacher.  PRICE INCLUDES TRACKING CODE!!!

These light-weight aluminum tags are small enough for the puppy cachers and strong enough for the toughest 4-legged athletes of our game.  1" x 7/8" anodized aluminum tags are engraved with a unique Groundspeak trackable code and have a GxProxy custom icon. 


** Trackability at requires Groundspeak tracking codes available at current rates set by Groundspeak.

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Mini Tail Tales Trackables for the 4 Legged Friend!

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