Yes! We really did put that all in a Mighty Mega! We even managed to stuff 18 large geocoins of 3mm or thicker with room to spare in a Mega :)
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A Mega-sized capsule style cache big enough to hold large geocoins!  Engraved standard on one side with "Official Geocache  Do Not Remove".*

A bison-style capsule you can actually pack a load of swag in!  Crush-proof, weather-proof (fitted with a custom O-ring for better protection) and critter-proof makes for the perfect solution combining practicality and quality.  The outside dimensions measure 4.15" High including hanging post (3.6 not including post) x 2.16" Diameter.  

And, yes, we really did fit all that into a Mega with room to spare!!! (pic 2)  We also packed 18 1.75" geocoins of 3mm - 6mm thicknesses into a Mega just to see if we could :)

(carabiner sold seperately)  

*For each new GxSignatures Design (your logo/avatar/club logo) you must purchase a GxSignatures Engraving Package.  (You DO NOT need the Engraving Package for GEONICK ONLY (MAX 20 CHARACTERS) engraving)

Add your CUSTOM text in the box provided (in the GxSignatures Engraving Package), Email your designs to or write for help in custom designing your item today.



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  • Item #: MM000010

Mighty Mega Cache

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