Discovered: Memoires of a Geocoin Designer Regular Edition
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DISCOVERED: Memoires of a Geocoin Designer RE - Volume 1

ISBN 9780985548810

Each book is 96 pages long and constructed of 100lb Archival Quality paper in a satin gloss UV protected finish for the highest quality possible. Each is secured in a case-wrapped hard cover in a full color high gloss finish for durability. Each Volume arrives individually wrapped in Archival Quality packaging to preserve the best color and clarity of the cover art.

So just what is in this first Volume? You'll enjoy the never before seen sketches of some of the world's most popular geocoins:

You'll even see some seldom or even never before seen versions of those coins, too:

Most importantly, you'll hear the true stories of just what went on behind the scenes, on the trail and in the production of these coins. You'll learn from the amazing discoveries, the hard lessons learned and the sheer inspiration of collaborating cachers around the world that gave these coins life.

There will never be another chance ever to own the very first printing of this beautifully detailed book dedicated solely to the love and art of the geocoin. Any future printings of this volume will NOT have the original First Printing cover art.   

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  • Item #: ISBN 9780985548810

Discovered: Memoires of a Geocoin Designer Regular Edition

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